Sunday, May 08, 2011

Lunch @ Royal Istanbul Restaurant

Happened to visit Royal Istanbul Restaurant on Friday and had Barbeque and Royal Fatyer.  Fatyer was very good and it’s made of thing layer of roti with chicken and olive with cheese.  Barbeque was surprisingly good, soft and well-cooked with tender chicken.  I had with Turkish bread and roti.  Excellent meal for the day.

Barbeque Chicken
Royal Mix Fatyer
Turkish Bread

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Different Fruits – Experienced in Qatar.

As a vivid fruit eater and I ventured in eating different fruits which most of them seen for the first time. I happen to eat Blue berry, very tasty and rich in antioxidant and also with a higher cost. For 100gm of fruit, it cost QAR 20.

Apricot, I have taken in jam or halwa form. First time I have taken as fruit and it was good and slightly sour. 

Eyptian Bashmela

Taking this fruit for the first time, taste is good. 

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

First Month in Qatar

Recently I moved to Qatar on long term assignment for a prestigious project.  First day on arrival in Qatar welcomed with Sand Storm with Emergency Evacuvation in the Airport.  After some initial challenges reached our apartment safely.

From then on, we were visiting different restaurant, malls and places.  We visited Villagio a prestigious mall in Qatar with artificial roof with sky and very posh village environment with boating and many top brands. A clear example what money can do.

We spent close to 2 hours in going around the places and much like one is the Ferrari display and couple of restaurants. Had chance to take a snap along with Ferrari.

Below are some of the pics inside the mall, was astonished by the richness and architecture.

Visited Lullu Hyper Market, City Center, Angsar Market, Souke, Al Khor and good restaurant - Salam and other local areas.   Much too follow in my next posting.